About Us

Slime Created for Royalty by Royalty!!! 

Hello Queens, Kings, Prince, and Princess's come take a journey with us as we explore our culture and history through Fun, Interactive, and Therapeutic play with Slime. Brown Baby Slimez represent who we are as people in so many ways. Each 6-8oz jar of "Slime Dopeness" is packed with so much more than fun, each slime represents our culture as melanated people. Our slimes are for all people and comes with a unique concept and purpose which is to educate and bring awareness to our Culture as Melanated People. We will explore our Melanin through our "My Black is beautiful Collection", some of our Cultures favorite sweet treats through our "Madea's Bake Shop and Candy Shop", or you can sit back and relax and enjoy popular slime recipes and scents from our "Aromatherapy Shop". No matter what your preference we got you here at Brown Baby Slime Shop!

One may ask how can slime be educational? Well, we educate because each of our slimes are labeled with a fun fact about our black history, or fun facts about the Slime Theme you chose to purchase.

As you start on your journey with Brown Baby Slimez, you will complete the following steps 

  1. Step one would be to purchase your slime of course!
  2. Step two would be to read your fun fact label to learn more about your slime and what it represents,
  3. Step three would be to enjoy your slime, and as you play with your slime you are relaxed and enjoying the fun with slime but also having a new insight on a little piece of history, and confirmation of how Dope and Beautiful you really are!!!