Our Mission

Our Mission here at Brown Baby Slimez is to educate people around the world about our Culture, as well as to show our true beauty as Melanated People through Creative Slime.

At the very young age 11 and 8 years old we are CEOs of our own company with the support of our awesome parents and family we can pursue our dreams and passions. We are not just purchasing slimes which we love to support from other companies we see on IG, TikTok, or YouTube, but we also want to show other young “Melanated” people around the world that no matter what your goal is in life when God gives you a vision, you follow through with that vision no matter what. We are beautiful people and can do and accomplish success just like anyone else in the world, and most of all its so much joy does what we love to do which is play with slime, and creating new fun recipes, and even more importantly sharing a piece of who we are with the world, just makes Brown Baby Slimez so Dope!!!